In this world Elliot and I swim in, websites are homes that need the same kind of annual spring cleaning brick and mortar homes do. Over the past year and half, we’ve gone from Elliot putting together the first website on Freeway (when I didn’t even know what Freeway really was): freeway

To me attempting web design in iWeb (yes, iWeb):

gsf in iweb

To moving it all over to WordPress:

Before photo in ayoshop

To finding the vibe we’ve been looking for (still in WordPress) today: beautiful pro

Welcome to this fresh site.

You know how it feels to have people over on the day you just finish a huge overhaul in your home? That’s today for us, and we’re ready to throw open the doors. Have a look around, tell us what you think in the comments below, and best of all check out today’s opening day for Summer 2014 Go Sugar Free. This next course is going to be as fresh as this new website, ultra-effective as ever, and we invite you to come along for the ride. Starts May 7. You can join today over here.

Cheers from me and my better half Elliot,

jacqueline signature 2014

Day 2

Day 2 has arrived and new folks are still coming on to Go Sugar Free. Elliot and I are going to bed setting up accounts and waking up setting up accounts. What would I do without him? He makes me laugh all the time, and his skills are just about opposite mine making for a good pairing.

The best part of Go Sugar Free round 3 so far? The people. Sounds obvious but I’m just enamored with how unique everyone is. How differently people think. I love that. What a privilege to be part of someone’s thought processes and way of seeing things.


The first morning

Anyone who’s known me a while knows I’m not typically a morning person, but last night I set my alarm for 5 and when it went off this morning, though it took me a half second to figure what was going on, a big smile crossed my face because I realized it was Day 1 of Go Sugar Free, Round 3.

So I curled up in my blankets and started checking things: Did the first lesson go out OK? Is anyone having trouble logging in (nope!), time to turn to the Facebook group and welcome members old and new to this new cycle. Time to send orientation emails to those who joined while I was asleep.

This is a great job. My 2014 starts with thanks and real excitement to meet these new people.


Elliot and I are sitting opposite each other preparing the Go Sugar Free members site for the new members coming on Jan. 1. We’re married four years now and more than ever able to sit with each other in a quiet harmony working toward a shared goal. And with this being the third round of Go Sugar Free, we’ve got a system in place that makes this preparing super calm and chill. The power of practice.

He just turned to me and laughed, and I started laughing too.


Meet the winners of the Winter 2014 Go Sugar Free Scholarships

Go Sugar Free exists to build a community of people from all over the world who become friends over the shared goal of feeling like a millions bucks each day through renewed physical and mental health. Watching these videos shows how this worldwide community happens. The winners are…

Mary and Safiya

Here are their winning entries:

Thank you to everyone who entered, and Mary and Safiya, welcome to Go Sugar Free. I’m thrilled to have you. —Jacqueline