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Meet the winners of the Fall 2015 Go Sugar Free Scholarships

We’re thrilled to announce the scholarship winners below.

Elliot and I spent hours reading through the essays and watching the videos, every word in the dozens of entries important to us. To say the least, we’re humbled.

Go Sugar Free exists to make it easier for adults to feel exceptional in their skin. Whether by alleviating issues that can be seen on the outside, or assuaging ones that can only be known from the inside, it has the potential to transform.

Here are winners of the Fall 2015 Go Sugar Free Scholarships:

Jeff, Jacqueline, Jessica, and Larry

Fall 2015 GSF Scholarship winners

Keep reading to watch the winning videos and see the winning essays:

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The Fall 2015 Go Sugar Free Scholarships are open!

I’m offering 4 scholarships seats in the Fall 2015 Go Sugar Free course, and the entry period starts today.Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.05.54 AM

All the details are on the scholarship page! Make sure you’re entered by August 6, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

So many times we come across an opportunity that we’d love to have, but we assume we’d never get it. Having been on the backend of scholarship committees in the past, I can tell you, it’s always worth applying. You might be exactly the person that committee is looking for, and what they want to give you is heaps bigger and greater than the effort it takes to apply. I know this to be true.


Announcing Fall 2015 Go Sugar Free registration

GSF8 Early bird Insta.058Today’s the day! Our eighth(!!) course has opened for registration and I’m already loving the hilarious people who’ve joined. They’re going to fit right in.

Jokes aside, this course is my life’s work to this point. All my best thoughts, best teaching, best effort, best tools, best secrets are in it and keep getting poured in and poured in.

I am a lucky woman to get to teach this course again and again and again.💃 Today alone I’ve talked to people joining the course, people in their current first course, and grads going the way back to the beginning. Happy almost 4th of July weekend and see you inside Go Sugar Free! If you have any questions about the course or registration, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can email me at js@jacquelinesmith.com.