5 Easy Ways to Look Radiant Tomorrow Morning is a specialized routine of simple, natural health practices that:

  • Boost energy in the morning without caffeine
  • Increase optimism and productivity
  • Make skin look radiant

These practices are supported by clinical research and decades (in some cases, centuries) of use in both Western and Eastern medical practice. The whole routine can be done in 10 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

What makes 5 Easy Ways unique is that it’s not another workout or diet regimen. It’s a routine that complements exercising and eating right and makes both easier to do.

What’s included

  • The 55-page book delivered in PDF format
  • An interactive web app for your smartphone or other mobile device
  • A printable reminder card of the practices to put in your bathroom or kitchen
  • A printable checklist to track your progress

All for $7.99.



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5 Easy Ways to Look Radiant Tomorrow Morning

Testimonial about Jacqueline's book
“Jacqueline showed me specific ways to improve my health in the most difficult time of my life.” —Mariza I.

Praise for 5 Easy Ways
“Jacqueline’s writing is so inspiring and is an EYE OPENER for those who desire great health and a sound mind.” —Brindha B.

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