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Our Story

I live and breathe fresh fruits and vegetables. I talk about them, study them, plan around them, and eat them every day.

This all started when two years of living on the Marshall Islands turned my entire food world upside down. Except for local bananas and pandanus, fresh produce was imported, half-wilted when it arrived, and way too expensive. All of a sudden fruits and vegetables became precious in my eyes. Returning to U.S. grocery stores, farmers markets, and CSAs in 2007 made me like a five-year-old at Disney World. I vowed to never take a fresh berry or watermelon for granted again.

When I married Elliot in 2009, he joined the “fresh food lifestyle.” We knew we needed an easy way to communicate so that none of the $50+ of produce we bought each week went to waste. So I started hand-drawing checklists when I got home from shopping each week. These checklists made it easy for me to let Elliot know which food was most perishable so he could eat that first—without having to think about it or sift through the fridge. They were visual and quick for both of us.

These checklists also made meal-planning a breeze. Before we knew it we were making meals with several fresh ingredients every night, and we had zero waste at the end of the week. My idea of heaven.

Save money.

Stay fit.

Don’t waste.

It was in this spirit that The Don’t Waste Produce Checklist was born. In a short time, the Checklist:

  • Helped us fund a two-week trip to Japan
  • Helped Elliot lose 20 pounds
  • Made sure no food went in our garbage

Over the past three years, I’ve tested and tweaked The Don’t Waste Produce Checklist bit by bit until I felt it was just right and ready to share with you. If it does for you what it’s done for us, I’ll be overjoyed.

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