What’s included:

  • The Don’t Waste Produce Checklist designed for color printing (PDF)
  • The Don’t Waste Produce Checklist designed for black and white printing (PDF)

Plus 3 BONUS tip sheets:

  • What Goes Bad First?—To help you shop and plan meals.
  • How to Store Your Produce—To make your produce last longer. I’ve compiled the best methods for storing 80+ different types of produce and put them all in one place for quick reference.
  • Use it Up!—Important tips on how to avoid throwing food out, including my best original recipe for using up greens.

No one likes to waste food, but it happens. Somebody calls and wants to go out for dinner, so that salad you were going to make never happens. You have a long day at work and arrive home with barely enough energy to make a frozen pizza—let alone cook pasta with fresh tomatoes, spinach, and basil.

Is The Don’t Waste Produce Checklist for you?

It is if any of these situations hit home:

  • You’re a one-person household. It’s hard to get through a whole bag of lettuce before it wilts. You end up throwing half of it out.
  • You’re a two-person household. You both have busy work schedules. You’re tired at the end of the day so you order take out instead.
  • You’re a parent with a full house. The fridge is packed, and hands are sifting through it all day. Who knows what’s in there anymore!
  • Where you live most fruits and vegetables are shipped in from hundreds of miles away. By the time they get to you, they’re half-gone already.
  • You buy more than you can actually eat.
  • You haven’t found an easy way to plan your meals—so you don’t plan them.
  • You’re gone more than expected and your produce ends up spoiling.

The Don’t Waste Produce Checklist is designed for all of these situations. It’s useful for one-person households, roommates, young families with kids, empty-nesters, and everything in between.

Jacqueline Smith, MPH buying produce at the farmers market

Our Story

I live and breathe fresh fruits and vegetables. I talk about them, study them, plan around them, and eat them every day.

This all started when two years of living on the Marshall Islands turned my entire food world upside down.

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